Beautiful Beginning

Saturday, June 12.
Accompanied by students and friends, I could not have wished for a better beginning. Starting at the ocean's edge, I knelt to collect a small memento of sand and surf, then we, as a group, turned our backs to the Pacific and started east. Three miles later and with fond farewells, the students boarded the bus and headed for home. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I will let the pictures speak since I at the moment am to tired to write. When the sun shines, as you will see, Oregon can't be beat.


  1. hey Mr.brown this is bailey from cascade middle school.i wish you good luck for waking crossed America.Also i am really sad that this seventh grade group wont have you as a great history teacher come back and be a sub we will all miss you.:)

  2. Wow. I wish You could have been my teacher nxt year. You are a really great person and I support you 100%. I w\hope you succeed your trip and you do well without any injuries. Maybe some day I will do the same as you. Good luck and comment back.