Oh Brother, Almost to Brothers

Saturday, June 26
I am at a motel in Bend, Oregon. My wife Cynthia drove from Eugene to find me for this will be our last opportunity to see each other until she flies to Casper, Wyoming over the Labor Day weekend. In the morning she will drop me off where she picked me up. After this, I will truly be on my own.

Friday, June 25
In the late afternoon while looking for a place to pitch my tent I heard a honking horn. I couldn't believe it, but here was my son, James, and two of his friends! Being young and adventurous they driven from Portland to see if they could find me knowing that I would be somewhere east of Bend, Oregon. I was greatly surprised as I did not know that they were coming. Though they did not stay long, it was fun to share a moment together for it can be pretty lonely walking down the hot highway. They had even brought a six pack of cold beer with them.
It was an enjoyable evening.

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