* Heading Toward Brothers, Oregon


  1. Ray,
    Great to read about your trip! I sure had fun at your retirement party- seeing all those old friends was awesome! Is there any way I can get some of those pictures sent to my email?
    How many miles will your whole trip be? Where do you plan to end up? What are your Must See places along the way? Have fun meeting all those Americans! I wonder if it will change any of your perspectives on life...

  2. I admire your spirit. You walked past our place at the very beginning of your trip Near Walton Oregon. I plan on following via your blog to see how your trip goes. I wonder how others across the country view the current events that are going on right now. I think your trip will a wonderful learning experience for you.

  3. Ray, Bob and I just got back from biking in the San Juan Islands. Beautiful weather- saw orcas and otters, plus bald eagles. We met a man walking the "Galloping Goose" on Vancouver Island and shared your story with him. He was 75 years old and planned on walking 20 miles the day we saw him.

    I was anxious to get home to a computer and check your site.... where are you now. I am anxious for an update! Have a blast and keep on moving east!