Home Again (For Now)

Tuesday, June 15
I have now walked the 65 miles from the ocean's edge to my door. I arrived home at 1:30 yesterday afternoon tired and sore but feeling quite good. The weather has been cooperative, I've had a chance to test the trailer, and I have already gone 1/50 of my trip!
Yesterday, I had my first interviews with people. I was walking along the road and ran into a man begging for change on a street corner. I sat down and we talked about his life situation. He allowed me to take his photo after I assured him it would be treated with respect (even the downtrodden want respect). I gave him $5, shook his hand, and we wished each other well. Still savoring the good feelings from this first encounter, I soon stopped to chat with some men drinking beer on a park bench. At first defensive, they soon dropped their gurad and we had a friendly interaction in the hot afternoon sun. They were very appreciative that anyone would ask for their opinions and offered me a beer (which I declined). As I walked away they wished me well.

I will be home until Thursday. This small break will allow for last minute adjustments before taking off. Having hauled my trailer 65 miles up and down hills has me thinking again of how to lighten my load. I will separate things into three piles: necessary; probably necessary; not necessary. This will be a most difficult chore.

I wish to acknowledge some acts of kindness and express my thanks to:
- the little boy who gave me $5 and an orange before driving away with his grandmother.
- a civil libertarian on the Oregon beach who gave me much encouragement.
- a war protester on a hot Florence sidewalk who handed me $7.
- a man at the market who thanked me and gave me $2.
- the couple who stopped to give me some Gatorade and well wishes.
- the many cars who gave me a wide berth when passing.
- the men who allowed me an interview.
- to the gods for the 26 cents I found along the road.
- to the my students who walked with me to begin my journey.
- and mostly, to my dear wife Cynthia and her support of my adventure.


  1. Hey my name is Jordan Glenn, i go to Cascade Middle School. I think it's awesome that you are walking across the U.S.A, but i am sad that i didn't get to be in your class. so good luck on your walk across America!

  2. Hello Mr.brown I am a 7th grader from Cascade middle school my nameis Dylan germyn and i hope you have a great time

  3. Dear Mr.Brown
    Hi my name is Averyl Brown. I am a 7th grader at CMS. I wish you good luck. I hope you have fun!!! ;)

  4. Hello Mr.Brown my name is Miranda Church and iam a 7th grader at Cascade Middle School and i just wanted to say good luck on your trip and have fun!p.s. iam the quiet girl from your home room ha sencerly, Miranda Church

  5. Dear Mr.Brown
    This a student from Cascade. My name is Anthony Johnson and I hope you have a safe and successful trip.

  6. It sounds like your having a lot of fun! A lot of people are giving you money! I wish you were at Shotgun Creek today, Saydee, Sierra, and Piper got lost in the woods and came back out arguing... It was funny!

    Good luck Mr. Brown! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  7. Mr. Brown, my name is Rick Waldroup. I am a photojournalist based in Texas. I put a link to your blog on mine. I just wanted to let you know how inspirational your planned venture is to so many of us. Keep up the good work and please have a safe and happy trip. I will be checkng in often to your blog for updates.

    Best wishes, Rick.

  8. and the journey really begins now. Good luck my friend.

  9. Your quest has been linked to a world wide group of camera fans and I, as a member of that group wish you well. When you get into the Illinois (Chicago, my home town) feel free to look me up as I'm in the phone book if there is anything you need. I am unemployed but would offer anything in my abilities (I am a bicycle wrench and can help with the trailer) to assist your adventure.
    Jeff "The Chicagoan" Markus

  10. Raymond,
    Have a fun and safe trip. Remember you will be missed at Taekwondo....Jay