At the Outskirts of Philadelphia

Thursday, December 9
The end is in sight for I am only 75 miles from Atlantic City. As a former distance runner I know it is important to run the finish lap as well as the others and I plan to finish strong - tired or not.
Today I was back to dodging traffic for I am now in Philadelphia's shadow with no bike lane for me to use. A couple of passing drivers yelled some things but I chose to ignore them and not respond to their ignorance. I am sorry if they are held up a few seconds in their busy lives but I have no choice.
In addition, I was warned by several people of a low income area called the "The Bottoms" and of the danger of being robbed there. I plan to walk through during the early morning and as it is also very cold - my guess is that the streets will be nearly empty and I shouldn't be hassled. I have my bear spray that I saved from Yellowstone specifically for this purpose. If it will stop a Grizzly bear I figure it will stop a human and I plan to carry it in my pocket tomorrow as well as when I pass through Camden, New Jersey - another area I have been warned about. Like always I take it one day at a time.

On the positive - I will be at Independence Hall tomorrow by the afternoon. I was here two years ago with my daughter, Linden, after she graduated from college in Connecticut so I plan to stay but one day and to move onward to the ocean. In addition, today I met a Philadelphia, Marty Kelly, fireman who arranged for me to lodge at a fire station near Independence Square. He liked what I am doing and called "The Boys" at the station telling them about me and they said I could have a bunk for the night. Once again I benefit from the kindness of strangers. Needless to say, this will save me a lot of money.
I apologize to the readers if these postings lack literary flair. I am a busy boy at the moment and look forward to a good overdue rest.
By the way, how cold is it? This morning my gallon jug of water was a solid block of ice!


  1. Would it not be great if all the fans could be in Alantic City when you get there, Well keep trucking and enjo the fireman, perhaps they will be able to get other cities to take you in. I drove down route 43 yesterday, I can't imagine walking and thank goodness Floyd had you cart, I can't imagine what it would be like in philly.

  2. You are almost there! I will miss reading your blog once you are done! Safe travels.

  3. go mr. brown your almost thear keep going and ginish strong you can do it.
    p.s. dont get robbed