What Now?

Wednesday, Dec. 15
I am now staying at Harrah's Casino in  Atlantic City. Friday morning a good friend will arrive and take me to New York City for a day's visit and then to his home for the evening. Saturday, I will fly from Newark to my Oregon home which I have not seen for six months. It will be good to be "home for Christmas" and to reacquaint myself with my wife, my family, and my friends.
Hopefully, over the holiday season I will have time to reflect on my journey. When I began this walk, many were concerned for my welfare and safety yet this has never been an issue. I have met many Americans along the way and all have been kind, helpful, and supportive. It truly has opened my heart to others as others have opened their hearts to me.
I also wish that my secondary purpose be not be lost in the wash of affairs. I have this entire journey tried to raise an interest in the study of American history and of the importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It has been encouraging that all - and I really mean all - have expressed concern for our civil liberties - our freedoms as Americans. Republicans or Democrats, Left or Right, Red State or Blue - everyone is in agreement that the ideals and principles upon which this country was founded are still important to us today. They are liberties we wish not to lose and most people see them slowly slipping away.
I am also particularly grateful to the schools that opened their doors to me. Of all the people, it is the young people I enjoy working with the most.
In addition, I wish to thank those of you who commented regularly. It was lonely "out there" and your comments let me know that people were following my journey and supporting me in spirit.

In closing, as I have always been a person who challenges authority - I will fly back to Oregon dressed in my colonial outfit, choose for an opt out, and as I have but a one-way ticket I will automatically be a "red flag" to the TSA. In addition, I am carrying copies of the Bill of Rights and plan to hand these out at the airports through which I pass. This should make for an interesting situation.

Ray Brown


  1. I think you are awesome! I think the whole TSA Search deal is a violation of The Clause in the 4th amendment. against Illegal Search and seizure." Looking forward to Hearing how it goes.

  2. I can't wait to see how the airport goes. I hope your statement is heard loud and clear!!! I hope you have a wonderful homecoming and a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Congratulations....what a unique goal you had and did. After meeting you in Jackson, WY we've followed your adventures.

    It will indeed be fun to hear about your flying adventure as you disrupt security at the airport. Again, you have our support!!

    Have the merriest of holidays in OREGON!

  4. Don't get tazed bro!

  5. Try 30 on the roulette table

  6. So what was the total number of police visits/stops you experienced I think it was about 7 at my last count...

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