The Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, December 14
Today I accomplished my long sought goal of walking from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
Now I shall rest my feet.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS.............!!! Bart

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the title and flipped out. I screamed, "OH MY GOD!!! HE DID IT!!!!" And I ran as fast as I could downstairs, tripping as I did, and screamed it!!! :D I'm so glad you made it before Christmas!!!!!!!! Are you going to be home by then? If so, then your song right now is DEFINITELY I'll be Home for Christmas! GOOD JOB MR BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ---------------Margaret Hibdon

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve the rest. I will pass along your final post to our readers. The copies of your story are waiting for you at home. I was glad to be a small part in your HUGE accomplishment. Have a safe trip home.
    Scott Anderson / Photographer
    Kankakee Daily Journal

  4. Ray- you are an inspiration to many people. I hope you will write some detailed highlights of the experience. Thank you for what you have shared. I hope you have a great reunion with your family this Christmas.

  5. Ray,
    I live and work with Linden, and have been hearing about your adventures from her! Congratulations! Also, I just saw this and thought you might be interested....

    Hope your feet are relaxing,

  6. Ray,
    Congrats, Not many people have goals this hard to make happen. You should take time to spend with your family and thank them all for thier support during this journey. I hope this allows your family to grow closer together then ever. Great job and God Bless
    Dan Papik

  7. Way to go, Ray! As someone who has been following your journey nearly from the start, I'm glad to see you finish. Good work! What are your plans now?

  8. Well done! As one of your former 8th grade history students and now a teacher myself, I've particularly enjoyed sharing your journey with my 8th grade history students. You're quite an inspiration.