Tomorrow's the Day

Monday Evening, December 13
I have but eight miles to go and if all goes as planned I should arrive at the Ocean's edge around 11:00. It is supposed to be only 20 degrees so this should speed me along my way.


  1. We are so glad that you have reached your goal, we will be toasting in your honor. Still think you should travel by the train to retrace and see what you have walked. But 6 hours in the plane compared to six months on foot, I don't blame you, hope the weather doesn't interfere with you flight home.
    Theresa and Bob Stotler Canton.OH.

  2. God Speed and keep you safe

  3. We are so happy for You!!! Mckenna Velkinburg and Family

  4. This has been an amazing blog to read, and although I am happy for you that you are about to be successful in your journey, I will miss reading about your adventure!! I hope you are thinking "book"!!! Congratulations!!

  5. I have enjoyed your blogs and keeping up with your adventures. I'm so glad I got to talk to you when you were in Crestline. It really is unbelievable to think about what you have done. Safe trip home.

    Shirley Arter

  6. Wow, Congratulations! We have followed you since your first day in Florence, It is wonderful that you reached your goal in time for Christmas with your family. Safe trip home!

  7. Its almost 9am here... You should be on top of the world right now!!! See you soon Ray!!

    Eden and Nyree

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey. I will miss checking up on you. Happy Trails!
    Louise in Eugene

  9. This is very exciting. Ray you have made a difference in many lives and I am grateful to have watched you along the way. Congratulations!

  10. Ray,
    I imagine December 14th will be a bitter-sweet day for you. With the end of any goal comes a vast spectrum of feelings as one journey's destination is reached and another one is begun.

    I can only imagine the emotions you will be experiencing as you bend down to fill your second glass vile with water from the Atlantic. What pride you must feel (and deservedly so) on having accomplished such a daunting task.

    May your adjustment to the end of this journey be an easy one and may your future "retirement" years be happy, healthy, and as successful as this adventure.

    Thank you for your blogs, your pictures, and your courage and determination to endeavor such a task. It was a daily pleasure to share this journey with you and I am selfishly saddened to know it has come to an end.

    Congratulations, Ray. We are all very proud of you!


  11. Congratulations on completing your journey, Ray. I have enjoyed reading about your travels. Your blog has been both educational and inspirational. You are a gifted writer and I hope you will compile your blog entries into a book so that others, who have not read your blog may follow your journey.