A Visit to Constitution High School

Friday, December 10
Constitution High School is a public charter school located just blocks from Independence Hall. Having a select student body, all applicants must have good grades, excellent attendance, positive behavior, and complete an essay and personal interview.
The School’s mission statement is:
By engaging students with an appreciation for history and an understanding of the democratic principles embodied in our country’s Constitution, this college preparatory high school will develop the next generation of engaged citizens and civic leaders in government, public policy, and law.
The school was founded by the current principal - Thomas A. Davidson, ESD.
This excellent high school is the school Tim McShay’s two sons attend and I was asked to visit. May I mention that former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner visited and spoke at the school last year? Now we can say - so too did Ray Brown, AKA "A Son of Liberty!" I am overwhelmed with honor. I spent three hours visiting and interacting with the students. It is one more Philadelphia experience I will always remember.

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