In Lancaster - Ahead of the Snow

Tuesday, December 7
The days are starting to blend together as I continue my eastward progress across Pennsylvania. Though it was another cold day with temperatures in the 20’s - I feel so lucky weather wise. The snow seems to be piling up right behind me as I go - Pittsburgh had several inches, Ligonier had a foot and a half, and Bedford had a foot of snow. These are all places that I walked through just over a week ago! I cannot explain the trouble and inconvenience this would have caused had it snowed while I was there. I feel that I have been truly blessed. I can handle the cold for duh - it’s winter.

Today’s highlights:
- A photographer from the York Dispatch caught up with me along the highway and took some pictures for a newspaper article.
- Some elderly folks stopped and braved the cold to converse for quite some time. They were so nice to talk with and expressed concern for my comfort in this weather offering me their place to spend the night. I had many more miles yet to go so I continued moving on - but though it was cold - they warmed my heart.
- My ear drum was almost shattered by a loud public siren as I walked through the town of Wrightsville. I passed unsuspectingly in front of it at exactly 12:00 noon when it blasted off at decibels that seemed beyond measure. It sounded like one of those WW II air raid sirens that the town evidently continues to use. This may sound humorous but I couldn’t hear for quite a while and it caused a headache. I will write a letter to the mayor when I return home for seriously - these things cause ear damage. I wear ear dampeners when I mow the lawn and ear plugs if I go to a live music concert. It really made me mad that it happened. I cannot explain how loud it was and it is uncalled for these days.
- I crossed the Susquehanna River and was surprised that it is a mile wide. The residents had burned their former bridge to prevent the Confederates from crossing to attack and burn Harrisburg in 1863
- I passed what looked like an Amish "used car lot" with buggies for sale.
- My cousin Ella Dowell, who lives in Middletown, Pennsylvania, sought me out and took me to an Amish home style dinner. It was unusual in that you pay one price at the door and they then bring you many different foods in copious amounts. I hadn’t eaten this much in a long long time. It was good to have home styled cooking for a change from my usual fare.
I called the motels in Philadelphia and was shocked to find that all are booked solid due to the Army-Navy football game this weekend. I found one motel near Independence Square that had a room for Friday only. Therefore, I will leave Philadelphia Saturday morning and head for New Jersey.

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