Goodbye Pennsylvania - Hello New Jersey

Saturday, December 11
Well, after saying goodbye to the guys at the fire station it was time to cross the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and enter my 11th and final state - New Jersey. Now I know that New Jersey bears the brunt of a lot of jokes but I wish to reserve judgment and let it reveal itself to me without preconceived notions. As Atlantic City is but 60 miles away, it will have to happen fairly quickly for I plan to finish in the next three or four days. Having written a lot tonight and wishing to go to bed, I will keep these last two posting brief and to the point.
I had enjoyed myself in Philadelphia but as it was time to move on - I crossed the Deleware River with mixed emotions. Wheeling up the pedestrian ramp onto the bridge was an easy matter in Pennsylvania but arriving at the New Jersey side of the river I was nearly thwarted by steep stairs. Again - deal with things as they arise and I found myself having to lower my cart carefully one stair step at a time. Just off to the south was Camden Field. I think somehow it is a famous baseball field but I can't remember why. Perhaps some more knowledgeable fans can fill me in on its significance. After conquering the bridge and stairs it was on to playing human dodge ball on the freeway. I did not want to walk through the maze of Camden, New Jersey's streets so I chose to stay on Route 30 the entire time which put me in a dangerous position - literally. I made it all right but probably aged a few years in the process. Finally in Collingswood, Route 30 begins to release the strain and traffic slows down a bit. As I am motel hopping - motel locations will determine where I stop and tonight finds me near Atko, New Jersey.


  1. I think you're thinking of Camden Yards, the home field of the Baltimore Orioles. Cal Ripken, etc

  2. The field next to the bridge is Campbell's Field, home of the Camden Riversharks, a minor league team.

    It's such an amazing journey you're on.

    Crete, NE
    (I work for a weekly newspaper in Nebraska and met Ray on his way through the Midwest.)