Motel Hassles in Exton

Wednesday, December 8
I left this morning early at 6:00 A.M. for I had a long day ahead of me. In the rural countryside motels are few and far between so with the help of my computer’s Google Map - I picked out a place for the evening 28 miles away and proceeded (note: I did not call).

Same old same old for most of the day.
- the elderly people from yesterday passed again in their car and stopped. The man told me he was so impressed with what I am doing that he would never forget me. He then handed me a bag of cookies his wife had made and it almost made me cry.
- I collected $56 dollars in unsolicited donations from various people.
- I had to push my cart with my hands clenched into a ball inside my gloves in order to keep my fingers warm. I wish I had mittens instead, though clumsy, they keep your hands warmer.

When I finally arrived at the small motel I had chosen to stay, the owner told me that they only rent rooms for a week at a time - therefore - keep going.
The next hotel available was a Holiday Inn in Exton, Pennsylvania, five away. I arrived in the cold and the dark only to find that it too, was full, as well as were the only other hotels in the area. Now I was not sure what to do, so what else? I called my wife! She got on her computer and found a glorified bed and breakfast only 3/4 mile away. Five minutes later I was wheeling down the darkened streets to the small but wonderful German themed inn - the Duling-Kurtz House.
All’s well that ends well.

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