A Tough Day

Friday Evening, Dec. 3
My feet were freezing as I hurried down the steep mountain trying to get to Ft. Loudon, Pennsylvania before the darkness was complete. Though the distance from Breezewood to Ft. Loudon was only 25 miles - the winter weather, the shortened days, and the three mountains I had to cross - all made for a very long haul and a lot of physical effort. I probably should have stayed the night in McConnellsburg but that would have left the highest mountain for me in the morning and with the sky threatening snow - I decided to go for it and put it behind me.
I arrived in the dark and the cold and luckily found a room in the only place that accommodated overnight guests. I felt lucky that I did not have to camp on what has been the coldest night thus far.

Note: Earlier in the day I was nearly attacked by three German Shepherds. I had my mace/pepper spray out and was ready to spray away to save myself when the owner rushed out and called them off apologizing to me.

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  1. There's going to be days that just suck, and you're doing a great job so far! You're amazing just to not quit!

    ---Margaret Hibdon