Independence Hall

Friday Morning, Dec. 10
Leaving Lancaster Avenue with relief I next had the downtown streets of Philadelphia to conquer as I sought my way to Independence Hall. Though I had visited two year ago, I wanted to see it again as well as the Liberty Bell. Utilizing both the streets and sidewalks to wend my way in the cold I eventually found Walnut Street and after many city blocks suddenly there it was - Independence Hall. I tried pushing my cart in front of the building for a photograph and was sternly told by a guard to take it across the street which I totally understood. Who knows? Perhaps I was a terrorist with a cart full of dynamite trying to blow up our national treasure! They had no idea who I was and I promptly heeded his demand. Once on the other side a big beefcake of a guard for the National Park Service came over to find out who I was and what I was up to. In our conversation he determined that I was “all right” and his demeanor lightened and he provided directions to the fire department on the corner of 4th and Arch - my temporary home. I took a couple of pictures that turned out grainy due to the early morning's lack of light. Now nearly frozen, I took off to find the fire station and get warm.

Note: Independence Hall is under repair and is currently surrounded by scaffolding. 

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