In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Sunday, December 5
I arrived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this afternoon after an 18 mile walk from Fayetteville. Initially, the road climbed upwards through a low mountain pass but then became relatively level making for a cold but easy walk. I believe the mountains are now behind me and if I can stay ahead of the snow - everything should be fine. To my surprise, I crossed the Appalachian Trail and took the time to traverse it a couple of hundred feet. I had done the same on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon last June. The cold wind was brisk, but so too was my pace and I hummed along with thoughts of the epic battle that took place at Gettysburg in 1863.
The Battle of Gettysburg is often considered the “high water mark” of the South during the American Civil War and still stands as the largest battle to ever take place in the Western Hemisphere with approximately 50,000 American casualties. I have visited the battlefield twice previously - the latest only two years ago. Therefore, with bitter cold, a whipping wind, and no car for transportation, I could not pay a proper respect and chose instead to visit a couple sites quickly and then headed for a warm motel.
In the morning, I hope to continue on Route 30 toward York, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Ray,
    Glad to hear that the mountains are behind you. You must certainly be relieved, as well as proud of yourself, to know that you accomplished that challenge and it is no longer looming overhead.

    Let's hope the weather holds!