In York, Pennsylvania

Monday, December 6
It was quite cold with temperatures in the 20’s when I left Gettysburg in the morning. In addition, a brisk wind blew the entire day making my walk an even more frigid experience - but on the positive side - the wind was to my back and actually helped propel me down the highway. No doubt about it - it was a very cold day!
Twenty-eight miles later and as darkness was falling, I stumbled into York, Pennsylvania, and checked into the Yorktowne - a rather swank hotel right in the center of the city. Normally I would be seeking out a Motel 6 or something of the sort but as there was nothing else available for miles - I decided to go for it and spend the night. Without a doubt, it is the nicest hotel in which I have stayed the entire trip.
Looking rather like a vagabond, I explained what I was doing and to my surprise - the staff happily helped carry my cart up the stairs and into the lobby where it remained for the night. No matter what - rich or poor - its presence always makes for good conversation and I was thankful the staff was so kind. In addition, they gave me a free meal and called the local newspaper providing some additional press exposure for which I am grateful. I was interviewed by telephone and tomorrow they will seek me out along the roadway to get a photograph.
One additional note I wish to make. I am very impressed with the architecture of the many old buildings in York. Though I will be leaving early in the morning, it is definitely a place to which I would like to return to visit for it a city rich in early American history.


  1. I am always so encouraged when you tell us about the kindness of strangers!!! Kindness is still alive!!

  2. I am so excited to read your posts.I too want to visit these places that have so much of our History. You are so close to your goal, It encourages me when things happen to discourage me. Good to Hear about the Hotel Staff. Safe Travels.

  3. A quick fact about York, PA. It was the first capital. Hence all the First Capital names where you stayed. Also I believe the first couple drafts of the Constitution were written here, and actually only a block or 2 from the Yorktowne.

  4. I'm glad you got to stay in a nicer hotel. It seems like your making good time, too! My parents were shocked to learn you were already in Pennsylvania. Christmas is almost here. I hope yours will be nice. :) All my Cascade friends and I miss you!

    ----Margaret Hibdon