An A.M. ATM Nightmare

Wednesday, July 28
As I started down Highway 33 ready to leave Rexburg behind I was feeling on top of the world. I'd had my shower, eaten a breakfast, the cart was packed, and I wondered what new adventures awaited me as I headed toward the Rocky Mountains silhouetted against the eastern sky. This "perfect day" was about to soon change when I decided to get some additional cash from an ATM machine while leaving town. This small act would began a series of events that would test my "be like water" philosophy.
Succinctly put:
1. 6:30 A.M. I got money from the machine but forgot to retrieve my card.
2. I realize this when I hear the machine buzzing and I run back in time to watch my card disappear into the bowels of the ATM.
3. In ignorance I think that a bank employee will be able to retrieve my card when they open for business at 9:30 and I patiently wait the three hours.
4. As the bank's first customer of the day, I am shocked as the teller tells me that my card has been automatically shredded for security reasons.

I will leave out describing my disappointment at hearing this. I now had only my driver's license and some petty cash with 2,300 miles to go - that's it.
Now what?

1 comment:

  1. Argh. That must really suck. D: Be the bigger man, Brown. The machine has no brain! Mrs. Hernandez told us all that! D:

    ---Margaret Hibdon---