Dancing in the Dark

Tuesday evening, July 20
If you’ve ever seen a cat thrown into water, you would have a good idea as to how I would end up before the evening was done. Having arrived in Carey by late afternoon, I was told to camp at the fairgrounds and it was there I set out my things. A great location it was, but I was a bit suspicious of the green grass and looked around for any nearby sprinkler heads that might activate while I slept. I felt a bit smug as I covered each with a weighted-down bucket (all except the one I had apparently overlooked). As I snuggled into my bag, I went to sleep thinking a few mosquitoes were to be my biggest problem of the night. It turned out I was very wrong.
Around midnight, I was rudely awakened by a large stream of water dousing me thoroughly. I immediately hopped into action but as it was pitch black and having no flashlight, I could not immediately find the source of the spray. It was a rather comical situation with me dancing around in my privies while getting thoroughly soaked. I soon located the culprit and with a large heavy board I “capped the well” but the damage was done. I stood there drenched in the dark under a cold starlit sky and for a moment, I was able to appreciate the humor of my situation. With little choice, I slipped into my wet sleeping bag, pulled up the zipper, and fell into a shivering sleep. I comforted myself knowing that the situation was temporary and I would soon again have the heat of the day.
Heading down the highway I was a funny sight with the wet bag strewn over my cart to dry.

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