The Tetons in Sight!

Saturday, July 24
I was up early today and on the road before dawn. These early mornings are particularly enjoyable for the mornings are cool, the animals are stirring, and as I am walking east I am always able to watch the sun rise. Today was to provide a particular joy for there in the distance silhouetted by the gray dawn were the Grand Tetons of the Rockies! This first sighting stirred within me many mixed emotions - a feeling of elation and a sense of accomplishment, but also some anxiety and concern for they represent a new chapter of challenges. I suppose that I will have time to mentally prepare myself, for like the pioneers of old - you see them long before you experience them.
It turned out to be another hot day but not quite as hot as it has been. Only a few degrees cooler can make a marked difference in comfort and this slight relief was appreciated. The road was also fairly flat which made it nice and several people stopped to talk and take my picture. A man gave me $5.00 and told me to buy a hamburger saying how much he supported what I am doing. He said he was going to tell his whole family about me and that it was a large one with 30 grandchildren!
Arriving at Mud Lake, a car pulled over and two burly brothers hopped out asking if I would return to their house to share some cold lemonade and conversation. Suspicious of their size and the strangeness of the situation, I replied that I didn’t like walking backwards but they implored that I talk with them and their family. They pointed to the house and as it was but two blocks past - I reluctantly relented. I turns out that they had driven past me several days ago and now that I had just just walked past their front door their curiosity was overwhelmed. So there I sat on the Jensen family porch sharing my ideas and listening to theirs. They were proud Mormons and stated that they supported the Constitution, my goals, and wished me all the best. Leroy Jenkins, suffering from some health issues, told me he wished he could be with me when I concluded my journey. They wanted to feed me before sending me on my way but I politely refused and after warm goodbyes, I headed on down the road.
I slept soundly that night in an old grain mill.

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