Goodbye Shoshone, Idaho

Saturday, July 17
After a good cafe breakfast I walked the 28 miles from Bliss to Shoshone and arrived hot, tired, and cranky having acquired my first foot blister of the trip. The temperature was over 100 degrees and I just wanted to be in some shade - any shade at all and to check into a room. Sitting down on a sidewalk bench, I called the only motel in town and was told, “Sorry, but we’re full.” Surprise - another twist in the road! Now what to do? I started wandering somewhat aimlessly but as my foot hurt, I soon stopped to rest and consider the options. I decided I would just have to ask for permission to use someone's yard for the night. Picking myself up and hobbling down the street, I noticed a mobile home with a “For Rent” sign so I knocked at a neighbor’s to inquire about the possibilities it presented. It was but two knocks and a giant dog tried to lunge through the door! What a commotion I had caused! Through the door window I could see him snarling and gnashing away while a man inside yelled something I did not comprehend. With my heart in my throat I quickly moved on forgetting that I even had a blister!
It was then that I spied a small RV park nestled behind a gasoline station. This would be my home for the night - another last minute deliverance.
All was right with the world again.


  1. Ray, Very cool to read your blog. What you are doing is inspiring and super educational...I look forward to following where you are and how the country treats you. May the wind always be at your back! Doug and Isabel

  2. Well, I wish you luck! I'd sing a song, but I don't know any for what you're doing. Have fun and keep on rocking and rolling!

    By the way, if I saw you and didn't know who you were, I wouldn't think you were a bum because of your fancy cart.

  3. I just met Ray in the Lost River Motel in Arco, Idaho.

    I was fascinated by him, his story and his vast knowledge.

    Ray is still and educator. It's in him, whether he likes it or not, and I sure like it.

    We talked about education, religion, good and bad, and we shared many thoughts, ideas and views.

    Ray, I wish you luck in everything you do.

    God bless!

    From your ex-Israeli friend,

    Oded Paz
    Arco, ID