On the Road Again

Thursday Evening, July 1
Tomorrow morning I am on the road again. It was nice to stop in Burns to do laundry and regroup after four nights and three nights camped out. It will be three days of walking to my next civilized outpost - Juntura, Oregon. I should arrive there July 4. It has only one motel which I telephoned earlier to reserve a room and was told, "Sorry, we're full." Can you believe that? They said they have a RV park in which I could place my tent. Hopefully they will have a shower I can use. It seems strange that I do not have a 4th of July performance. Last year I performed to a crowd in Springfield but this year I'll be camped between RV's in the middle of nowhere. The motel also runs the only restaurant. Maybe I will put on my "Son of Liberty" outfit and wow the patrons whoever they may be. Who knows, trust in the unknown.
Anyway, I'll be out of Burns in the morning but my smell will not. After only 300 miles my shoes are beginning to ripen. My olfactory senses take me back to those earlier years as a teenage boy. I can still hear dear old mom,"Leave those damn shoes outside!"
Sorry, I hope the maid leaves the door open awhile


  1. Hay Mr. Brown jus wanted to stop by and say hope your haveing a great time and that hopefully you make it through all the way. be safe.
    Sincerly, Maritza Rosas

  2. Hey Ray,
    I hope your walk has been safe so far. Those narrow areas on the side of the road make me nervous. It also sounds like you're due for some hot weather in the coming days.
    Be sure to hand someone your camera to take pictures of you going down the road or performing in your Son of Liberty costume. The scenery is great, but it's good to see you in some of those shots, too.
    All the best, Pat M