July 3 - Let it Be Done

Between the late morning start and an early evening storm, yesterday ended up being my shortest day yet having covered only 15 to 16 miles. Therefore today I tried to compensate a bit by trekking 31 miles. By going this extra distance I will get to Juntura earlier in the day tomorrow. At my wife's suggestion, I will ask again and maybe I can get a room.
Not much to report except it was hot (what else is new) and my walk ended with a 2 1/2 mile steep incline at the very end. Having already put in a very long day, it was an effort to complete, but I wanted to camp at the top of the hill.
Ahhh... the view.

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  1. Everyone should listen to this guy, especially when it comes to history about the United States. I learned more in 8th grade about the history of the U.S. than I did in high school and in college combined. The "Son of Liberty" is a very wise man. Ray good luck on your walk. Many will be inspired by your words. Be safe on your journey.