Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Thursday, July 15
I left Mountain Home at 6:30 and it was good to be back on the road. Walking quietly in the cool early morning you hear many birds and see many small animals as they too, begin their day. Lots of jackrabbits, deer and coyotes. I have seen several badgers - their holes are everywhere. Two pronghorn antelope, the first of this trip, watched me this morning from a safe distance before bounding away. And always, the horses and cows! They say that the horse is man's best friend after the dog, but where is the cow? When a horse looks at me I wonder what it's thinking. When a cow looks, I wonder if it's thinking. My wife grew up on a dairy farm, I'll ask her opinion on this matter.
On the topic of thinking, my doctor told me this trip would allow for a great amount of thought. Cool, who knows what type of insight or profound thoughts might be generated? Well, I will share two of these so called "great thoughts" that plagued me throughout the day. One - I could not remember all the words to the Beverly Hillbillies song. Now don't laugh. If you are between the ages of 50 and 65 you should be able to do it. After singing and mumbling hoping the words would come out, they eventually did. I was so proud of myself. No big deal? Then you try it. There were two introductory verses and a third verse at the end of the show. I worked on it for several hours before finally getting them all.
The other thing that that plagued my mind were thoughts of a strawberry milkshake! It was so hot and so dry out there and I haven't had one in years. As a child, my father would take my sister and me for milkshakes at a local dairy as a special treat. Today, in the hot afternoon I kept thinking about how good one would be.
Other than lots of sweat and time, not much else to report for the day except that there was a ice cream store at the Glenns Ferry city limits.

Did I really have to order the large?

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  1. Ray, Try a mocha frappe at McDonalds. Yummy. They are giving free ones with a coupon out of Parade or one of those type. They were also going to give smoothies but had to back off because of fear of running out. Giving a free coupon to everyone who receives the Parade wonder. I love your adventure stories, especially the ones that people are supporting you and actually giving you money or power bars! It would be interesting to hear you and Ken exchange stories! A world apart! Walking with you in prayer, Ken's mom