Onward and Upward

Tuesday, July 27
Tomorrow I begin what would normally be a three day walk to Victor, Idaho which is the jumping off point to Jackson, Wyoming. Jackson is only 24 miles additional miles from Victor but I believe it will be the steepest climb of my entire trip. I would expect to arrive there on Saturday but my story now has an additional twist. My friend Ken Clark and his wife Lill are headed to Wyoming to cap a vacation in the Tetons. They will find me Thursday and drive me to Jackson for a day or two to relax and take momentary advantage of having a car. They will then return me and I can retrace the route.
In addition, I have another friend, Nick Gillespie, who lives in the Jackson area. I'm sure he can give me some advice and show me around a bit.
I'm now ahead of my original schedule and a pause in the Teton area should be fun.
We'll see how this turns out.

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