Random Thoughts

Stopped again by the police yesterday morning on Route 33. For those of you keeping count this was investigation number four. This time it was a Madison County sheriff's officer. He was a young officer who just had to "check it out" to see what I was up to. It's interesting that all four stops have been by sheriff's departments. He was another nice guy to talk to and then go on my way - as always, I gave him my card.
I should have some sort of a contest - predict the number of times I will be stopped by the police before I finish my trip. Any guesses?

My wife pointed out that I have not shared much of what others have shared with me. I wish to compile these after having talked to enough people to get a true pulse. I can say that taxes and abortion - the traditional hot buttons - have been hardly mentioned at all. People are concerned about many issues and those do not seem to be at the top of the list. Does the news media play a role in what we talk about rather that what we should talk about?

After walking through southern Idaho I can say that the people should build a monument to the Snake River for it truly is their life source. I overheard a farmer talking to another with the simple advice, "Keep it wet." So true! There can be an emerald green of bumper crops right beside an arid sagebrush plain. So many use the Snake River for water it's amazing any flows onward. It seems that everyone has their straw in the water. I wonder how deep it would naturally be if it flowed unmolested? I'm not advocating this position - just a curious thought.

No matter how physically tired I am at night, I always have bounced back by morning. I am lucky thus far in this respect.

I learned that most construction workers in Idaho wear lime green shirts while on the job. It is supposed to make them more visible and safe according to the state safety board. You see them everywhere - cement truck drivers, surveyors, you name it. At least they get up every day knowing what they will wear.
Now who's against school uniforms?

The farmers all use little four-wheel drive machines to race about - seriously, all of them. This is a big change from romping around the farm in the old dusty pickup. Cell phones are big, too. No more, "Go get your dad in the lower forty." Now, it's just give him a call.

I finally broke down and bought a can of shaving cream. I had been using bar soap which I did not agree with. Oh well, what's a few ounces more to lug?

When I talk to people and particularly when I am listening, I accept all views without judgement while it is being shared. For example, if I am talking to a racist, I listen to his viewpoints without challenging them. If I am talking to a political extremist - I also listen. I want to hear people's views unfettered by political correctness.

I think I've probably lost close to 20 pounds since my 202 last winter. My body fat has disappeared.

I passed a new pickup truck broken down with the driver cussing under its hood. He was embarrassed as I pushed my cart past him and continued down the road leaving him behind. Any guesses on how I felt?

Cemeteries are a good place to sleep for the night. The usually have some trees with green grass and are always at the edge of town with no one to bother you.

I wish to thank my grandfather for showing me how to blow my nose with no tissue. It has been a handy trick on this trip.

I camped at Craters of the Moon campground and they were surveying it at the time. I inquired as to the reason and the guy said it was to widen the road and pull-ins for the ever larger campers.
Did you know that the National Theater in London had to put in new seating to accommodate the enlarged American rears? No comment at this time.

Upon my visual inspection thus far, Americans have too much junk lying around - old cars, old trucks, broken washing machines - you name it. We really need to clean up our act but where would those chickens live?

85 degrees is very cool compared to 105.

Finally saw my first prickly pear cactus. It reminded me of an old story about John Colter escaping the Indians that I may relay one day.

I have never seen so many field mice in my life - a raptor's paradise.

Most people wave if you wave to them - especially in the morning. I suppose there is a lesson in that.

The wind from passing trucks can sweep the hat completely from my head. I always feel indignant and grumble when it happens - about three or four times a day.

I have learned that you can still eat a warm deli sandwich after three days without refrigeration. I seriously questioned myself but went for it and survived. Just don't go for the mayonnaise.

I don't want to disrespect the people of Idaho but I have to say, "Come on folks, get real. Why do you not have a deposit on your cans and bottles? There was an immediate increase in the amount of trash along the road when I crossed the state line. I love you guys but no excuse for this one because getting covered by weeds does not count."

Most dogs will back down if you face them squarely with a proper attitude but this one can't be faked - you have to really mean it for a dog senses fear. "If you don't get the hell out of here and leave me alone I am going to kick your doggy ass butt - mutt!" A hefty rock also serves as a good backup. (Did that one slip through the censors?)

There is an acceptance of dust everywhere. Its just a part of the high desert life.

Every day of this trip has been a joy.


  1. Ray, You are an inspiration! For an example of how to "retire", you top the list. We love the blog. If you can conquer the desert, you can conquer the mountains. Dennis and Rae Lynn

  2. A cemetery? I guess in the main picture of it its a nice place to sleep, but I'd be to creeped out. Yikes.

    Yes, Mr. Brown, the dog paragraph slipped through the censors. :)

    ---Margaret Hibdon---

  3. My daughter in Portland and I sometimes enjoy a picnic lunch in a cemetery. Beautiful, peaceful. Not like the city parks.

    Enjoying your blog.