Off to Explore Idaho

Evening of Friday, July 9
I'm leaving Caldwell in the morning and will work my way south-east toward the little town of Bliss, Idaho. From there I will take Highway 26 across most of the state to either Blackfoot or Idaho Falls. This road I am told, is not mountainous and goes through Craters of the Moon National Monument. I'm looking forward to being on the road again after a day and a half layover. I walked around all afternoon trying to find a couple of things I need - the small propane gas containers that are made for lanterns and single burner stoves, and some dehydrated food. I could not find either so I will make due for now. I am really limited by not having a car but the trade off is worth it.


  1. Idaho, huh? Don't melt!

    A relative I didn't even know told me something when I brought you up-- I was at my cousin Micheal's wedding when I was sitting with some cousins and another relative who was really old. He was complaining about how kids don't know enough about America's history. I brought you up and he started laughing. It turned out that he read about you in the paper...

  2. Ray, Bob and I just returned from biking in the San Juans- beautiful trip with orcas, otters and bald eagles. We met a 70-year-old Scott man walking the "Galloping Goose" trail on Vancouver Island. He was going about 20 miles that day.

    You have been in our thoughts... we were anxious to get online and see where you are in your journey east! Have a blast! Amy and Bob