Relaxing in Rexburg

Tuesday Morning, July 27
The last two days have not provided much "grist for the mill" as far as writing goes. People stop, talk, take my picture and give me things for which I am always thankful but this has now become pretty much routine. But Sunday I met a young man worth mentioning.
While walking down the hot highway I stopped to converse with a man about 20 years old bicycling the mountains from New Mexico to Canada. With his dreadlocks and some other obvious clues I quickly surmised he was a bit "different." He looked and sounded as if he had just left a Rainbow Gathering but I'm cool with that - no problem. Then he held up a plastic bag containing a dead jack rabbit he had picked up earlier from the road. He told me that he was trying to live off nature as much as possible and wanted my opinion if it would be OK to eat. My reply was, "Go for it, but I wouldn't. It's probably gotten a little ripe in this hot sun." Undaunted by my reply, he said he would try boiling it for dinner that night.
I was glad to say goodbye.

I arrived yesterday in Rexburg and have decided to spend a second night to rest, recuperate, and add to my blog. After being on the road, a shower and bed in a nice hotel is well worth the cost.


  1. Hey Ray ,great posts! We are wondering if you are going to Jackson Hole? Nick has some days off and would love to see you. I just talked to him. We are getting your cell # from Kevin S. as I write. Call soon. Jim and Alison G.

  2. Hey Ray,

    I would love to see you and hear about your trip thus far. You have a place to stay in Jackson if you want. My number is 541-335-1061 Give a call, we should at least get a beer, or I could come meet you somewhere. Hope your journey is going well.



  3. A... Jack Rabbit... Roadkill... ew. Just... ew... :/