In Jackson Hole

Saturday, July 31
One interesting aspect of this trip is that I never know what a new day will bring. One day may find me camped along the side of the road in some out-of-the-way location, another may find me in a cheap motel afraid to climb into the sheets, and today I find myself in a plush lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, surrounded by the rich and famous wondering how I ended up here?
Three days ago my good friend Ken Clark and his wife Lillian picked me up and forwarded me 60 miles ahead to Jackson so that I could enjoy their company and more comfortable accommodations. It has quite the change and I cannot express my appreciation for their companionship and generosity. Outside my window is a pool with two artificial waterfalls that I can see as I sit and type. Pretty people are laughing at the pool's edge as waiters supply their every need and want. I feel a social commentary is in order but for now I will refrain and enjoy my unusual surroundings.
Tomorrow I will return to the road. Ken and Lill will drop me off where they picked me up and continue home to Oregon. These moments are always a little awkward and make me feel the most lonely. Eventually, the feeling will pass and I will again be fine. I have never liked goodbyes.
Returning to Jackson, I will now have the advantage of being somewhat familiar with the route I have to walk. The mountain pass I must cross did not seem as steep as I expected but I was traveling by car - we'll see how it is on foot. I am also going to inquire about possibly leaving part of my load here to pick it up when I return in three days. If so, this will lighten my cart and make the climb up the mountain easier. We'll see.

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  1. Hi Ray, Wow, that was a strawberry milk shake place! They have the joy of sharing in special ways to so many people, including us. I'm looking forward to hearing how the climb went as you walked pushing or pulling a lighter "friend." nadine