July 2 - Shelter from the Storm

Leaving Burns I figured I could cover the 59 miles to Juntura, Oregon in three easy days and arrive on the 4th of July. At least in Juntura I would be "somewhere" on the Fourth and not just out along the highway with the ground squirrels. After a quick stop at Safeway, it was straight away into another perfect day. Wetlands paralleling the road provided a cacophony of sounds in the early morning as I walked along listening and watching the many varieties of birds and ducks. Marshmallow clouds allayed the heat and all was well until 4:00 when I looked to the southwest and saw dark clouds approaching. I have rain gear for obviously - the rain, but this was a situation that if I could find a place for shelter I would call it a day. If not, I would put on my rain gear and continue forward finding a place to camp somewhere ahead. With the wind picking up and storm quickly approaching I mulled my situation over and suddenly, "crack," a bolt of lightening decided all. At that moment, as luck would have it, I spied a large hay shed which to me looked like a Hilton Hotel. It was virtually empty except for few bales and a large industrial hay fork. Wasting no time and asking no question I trekked on over and made the place my own. In the old days, this was called, "squatters rights," and today we call it trespassing. On this trip, I call it - opportunity! I am becoming a bit more bold for opportunity doesn't always present itself twice. Therefore, I pitched my tent under a shed roof protected from the rain, lightening, and wind blowing all around me.
It was a most delightful sleep.

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  1. Interesting and innovative accommodations, Ray. It's nice to know that you are safe. You are thought of often on your travels and travails.

    Enjoy the trek east.