Hope the Keys Got Returned

Monday, July 5
Off to a slow start after a hearty Oasis Cafe breakfast, packing up, and working on my right trailer brake figuring I'll give it one last chance.
About four miles out of Juntura I realized I had two unreturned room keys in my pocket. Not wanting to walk the four miles back (which would equal an extra eight miles) I flagged down a passing van hoping the driver would return them as a favor. As a young man tentatively lowered his window this became a "Cheech and Chong" moment as I was greeted with pot smoke, incense, and the blaring of rock and roll. These young friends were returning from a camping weekend and I had a hard time getting the communication through, but I figured they couldn't miss the place - or could they?
Just as Dave and Dean Clark had told me, there was a natural spring to fill my water jugs at twenty-three miles east of Juntura. On the side of the highway ice cold water bubbles out of a fountain. They both deserve a thanks for the local tip.
After walking 24 miles I made camp in a most desirable location. Another one of those, "Where am I going to camp?" and bingo - there it is! It was an abandoned road just off of the highway surrounded by the most beautiful canyon rock. I felt quite lucky for another day of sunshine and good health.

P.S. I must add that I finally removed the trailer brake. Removing it reminded me of a story I once read of a Brazilian farmer who shot off his toe because it had been hurting him. Unlike his toe, I can put the brake on again if necessary.

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