Tuesday, July 6
My goal today was to get to Vale, Oregon (33 miles away) so after my morning routine I was on the road at 5:15. Great day of walking along the Malheur River in the sun. More up and down of a roadway today. I prefer it flat as a pancake if possible - do I have to cross the Rockies?
My longtime friend Bert Eliason surprised me with a visit. He had been in Bend and drove out Highway 20 to try to find me - which he did. Bert had brought carrots, apples, chicken, and cold beer and the two of us had a regular picnic. While eating Bert received a surprise of his own. Wearing shorts he had sat directly on a red ant hill and it was only a miracle that he didn't literally have "ants in his pants." He sure aroused their attention - and they aroued his!
We talked briefly to a Malheur sheriff deputy name Officer Johnson. He seemed like a really nice guy. When he found out I was walking to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, he told me that he had had to take an oath to support the state and federal constitution when he took his job. I appreciated his sincerity and sharing.
After lunch and a fond farewell - Bert headed west and I headed east. I had to bust my butt big time to get to Vale. This was the most I have yet walked and it had some hills as well. I was so tired that when I hit the city limits I immediately got a room at the only motel in town - "The Bates Motel!" I'm not a movie trivia buff but I do remember that Alford Hitchcock's "Psycho" took place at the Bates Motel. This place even looked like it could be the one - cheap, not so fancy, and totally retro.
It was a little creepy taking a shower there, not because of the movie, but because of the shower (I didn't know mildew came in that color).
For those of you that know the movie - check out the pictures.


  1. My grandma was scared to go to any motel after that movie...

  2. My brother, is Bert E. we are very much enjoying following you across country. Good luck with the heat!!