Dos Cervezas Por Favor

Tuesday, Sept. 14
Got up before dawn and started down the road toward Oshkosh, Nebraska. It became foggy for the first time of my trip and I proudly turned on my blinking taillights as I hurriedly walked the 11 miles with visions of eating real food. Tumbling quite famished into the only cafe I ordered a large breakfast and while waiting, conversed with a farmer’s wife and her octogenarian mother who were local residents. They were supportive of my journey and I gave them a business card.
The rest of the day was again hot and as I entered the little town of Lewellan I walked up the street looking for a store to buy a juice and snack but none were to be seen - what I did see instead was a tavern. Hmmm.... I honestly haven’t been in a tavern the entire trip but I was thirsty and do I need to spell it out ? B-E-E-R! I walked in and ordered a pint and as the only customer I had the owner’s full attention. He had been raised in Bend, Oregon, so we had that connection and it only got better. He poured me another, then would not take a dime from me and instead gave me $20 and wished me all the best. At the town’s edge was a campground with running water and electricity and I felt like I was in the Hilton for the night.
By the way, today’s road had the nicest bicycle lanes I have experienced - wide and with new cement.

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