Kearney, Nebraska - 95 Miles Hence

Monday, September 20
Today I will continue walking Highway 30 toward Kearney.That means four days of walking and three nights of sleeping out unless there is something available in between. As the prairie becomes replaced by crops it will require an adjustment as to where I am able to set my tent. I am beginning to feel, perhaps prematurely, that people and settlements will become more regular from here eastward - it sure couldn't be any less.
I have also entered a new time zone. I am now in Central Standard time and share the hour with Chicago. I'm pretty amazed with that. It is now 2 hours difference when I call home to Oregon.
I believe Highway 30, often called the Lincoln Highway, was the first road to completely cross the nation and it helped lead to the formation of our modern Interstate Highway System because it was such a terrible road. Dwight Eisenhower, as a young Army officer, traveled it cross-country with an military convoy when half of the crude road was dirt. Later during WWII, Eisenhower saw the paved Autobahn system of Germany and this influenced his future support for building the Interstate Highway System we have today.
I had breakfast this morning in a little country style restaurant and talked to some men about my mission and asked if they would like to share any thoughts. As often happens, one man dominated the discussion. When I went to leave, another of the men who had been relatively quiet came up and began to talk. I eventually had to dismiss myself for he had so much he wished to share and I need to get packed and out of here. I didn't have my notebook with me but will try to remember some of what he said.
Today the temperature is supposed to climb right back to 90 degrees so I better get moving. It is always easy to dally when leaving a motel. Before leaving I will send my first emails to a couple of schools inquiring about the possibility of doing a presentation while dressed in my historical outfit. We'll see what happens. I've included a picture of my display that I use for schools in Oregon. Obviously I do not have this with me but I do have my costume. Hopefully, I will get an invitation to speak.


  1. Ray, I hope you get a good response from all the schools you hope to go to. With you dressed as a patriot what better learning can the students get. Love following your travels. Continued good thoughts as you leave the prairie and get into more populated areas.

  2. Ray - The description of your first view of the Great Plains really caught my imagination. I remember your stories about the summer you followed the Louis and Clark expedition trail.

    I am growing more anxious about your travels as you leave the area west of the Mississippi. I know the populated areas are increasing and the weather is changing. I'll be in touch more often.

    My granddaughter Danielle is in graduate school in southern Indiana at Bloomington so we are getting our first exposure to that part of the country. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Ray,
    It was nice to have met and talk with you. Your passion for History can be seen within the writings of your posts. We wish you Safe travel and adventures.