Moonlight in the Fields

Tuesday, September 28
Nothing unusual today - just walking and walking some more. I did contact a middle school in Crete by telephone and talked to an assistant principal about the possibility of a presentation. The other schools had been contacted by email and I figured that this time the personal touch would do the trick. I explained that I was walking across the United States and the reasons why. I explained that I was toting a historical outfit and was a 36 year veteran teacher who was passionate about American history and I would love to talk to a class or two of students. She replied that she would talk to the principal and get back to me if they were interested. This time I had much more hope.
It is getting much harder to find a place to camp these days - gone are the more wild sections of the West. Scrub lands have been replaced by corn and beans and it is not easy to find a “crease” to slip into. As it was getting nearly dark I spied an opening a farmer had made with his tractor in a corn field and thought, “That’s the spot.” It was near the road but yet hidden from view so there I was lying amongst the stalks with the moon up.
Sounds “corny” but it was pretty cool.

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