The Twilight Zone - Nebraska Football

Saturday, Sept. 25
It was a beautiful 22 mile walk from Kearney to Minden though, like always, it was windy. Along the way I stopped at old Fort Kearney and went through it's museum. It was the first fort in the Nebraska territory used to protect the Americans passing through "Indian Territory" along the old Platte River Trail. Originally, it had no fort walls - only buildings.
In Minden, after setting up camp I then looked for a place to eat and perhaps watch some college football. They have a small but nice looking downtown area but no one was there - no cars or people! It was like being in a Twilight Zone movie. The reason was Nebraska football. Everyone in the town was inside somewhere watching their beloved Cornhuskers play on television. I stood in the middle of the street and took some pictures with no fear of being run over. Check it out.

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