Wyoming Today - Nebraska Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 8
The 57 mile walk from Lusk left little to report - more long days with sun and wind. Last night I set a personal record for camping the closest to the highway I have ever done but I had no choice. Even being this close to the road no one bothers you. I thought perhaps a patrolman might stop and ask why I was practically sleeping in the roadway but morning came without incident.
The antelope numbers have been dwindling and today, for the first time in weeks, I saw none at all. I would add that the ground vegetation has also been changing. The sage covered desert began to give way to prairie grasses east of the Casper area. While walking to Lusk I crested a hill and to my surprise - there spread before me as far as I could see were the Great Plains of North America! Looking outward it literally took my breath away for the view was unexpected and a complete surprise. It was easy to imagine immense buffalo herds roaming these amber fields hunted by the various Indian tribes upon whose existence they depended. This great region, now an agricultural wonder, stretches all the way to the Appalachian Plateau and will be a part of my walk for the next several months.

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  1. Wow, What a picture! I often wondered how the pioneers felt trying to make life work on the prairie with no trees to stop the wind, all the harsh conditions they faced and hardships many remained. The view in your picture must have been part of the reason. Not that I agree with what happened to the Native population, I don't. Just my ramblings on the beautiful view.