Leaving for Minden, Nebraska

Saturday, September 25
Well, my cart is packed and I'm about to start walking again. It rained heavily last night and I was thankful to be in a motel for I had just dried all of my gear. It would have been disappointing to have it get wet again so soon.
Before leaving I wish to express thanks to:
- the construction guys who let me travel on the new section of highway not yet open for cars. I had a full lane of new road to myself. Also thanks for the tip on where to camp and the rattlesnake warning.
- the woman who stopped and gave me 6 bottles of very cold water on the way to Kearney.
- the elderly lady who stopped and gave me $20 and a big hug insisting that I get myself something to eat.
- thanks to my cousin for seeking me out on his trip to Ohio from Arizona.
- and the biggest thanks goes to my lovely wife Cynthia, who sent me a care package of miscellaneous items including a new I Phone. Now I can hopefully take better pictures and even some video if I can figure out how to use it!
I also wish to thank to those of you who choose to follow this adventure and my corresponding blog.

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  1. You are welcome, but it is my pleasure!!!
    Look forward to reading every time you write!!