In Ogallala, Nebraska

Wednesday, Sept. 15
I awoke before dawn wanting to get an early start for Ogallala, Nebraska, 30 miles away. This distance represents a little more walking than I have been averaging lately but like a tired horse heading for the barn - I too needed to get there having spent the last 4 nights and 5 days in the fields. I was ready for a shower and a bed.
Unfortunately, a highway detour presented itself and I ended up traveling Highway 92 on the north side of Lake McConaughy adding another 7 miles to town. I was emotionally low while digesting this news but what could I do but to grin and bear it? Like a child crying over a necessary chore - it still awaits you when the cryings done. Better just to plow through it which I did.
Early in the morning I used my pepper spray for the first time. An aggressive dog came tearing across the road and tried to bite me while ignoring my commands so I squirted at him but missed. He then backed off continuing his threats from a safer distance. I was sorry I missed for at that intense moment I wanted to nail him. It comes out like a squirt gun and next time I won't be off my mark.
I won't bore you with a mile by mile posting but let it suffice to say that I was quite happy to finally get to Ogallala and check into a motel.
The 38 or 39 miles walked today represents my current personal record.

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