Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Wednesday, September 22
Last night was the closest I’ve ever slept to the tracks. A passing train would cause the ground to rumble and shake and in a weird way it was cool. Train pathways are set with little variance and I felt perfectly safe.
In the morning as I was readying to leave a Union-Pacific truck came driving up. We had a friendly talk and they then drove on.
Today was hot and one of those days that seemed to quickly tire me out. I think it is the humidity that I am experiencing. In Oregon it is uncommon but not so for the Midwest. Another of those changes since leaving the high plateau. I expect to have a lot more of these days before the trip is finished.
Stopped at a historical marker where Indians attacked some railroad men operating a handcar and then wrecked and burned the train that followed. The Indians had a particular hatred for the trains for they, together with the telegraph, quickly hastened the end of their freedom and way of life. The railroad could quickly move troops and the telegraph could signal Indian movements. Chief Joseph’s Nez Pierce were caught this way before crossing into Canada and freedom. While being chased by O.O.Howard from the west he ran into Nelson Miles coming from the east.
I walked through Lexington and stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Took advantage of the sit-down time and charged my phone. The solar charger doesn’t seem to be working very well and it is always much easier to charge from an outlet.
Made camp in the corner of a field under threatening skies and practically nailed down the tent - so let it happen!

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