A Cold Cross-Wind

Thursday, September 2
It rained throughout the night. It was the first real rain I have had in a long time and I confess that it is somewhat comforting if you’re prepared for it. Lying in a dry sleeping bag with the rain and wind outside, alone to the world in the middle of nowhere, yet secure that all is as it should be gives one a sense of calm contentment that is easier to experience than to describe. I fell to sleep listening to the sound of the rain against the tent and slept soundly through the night.
By morning the sunshine had returned to full glory and after coffee and a light breakfast, I continued down Highway 20 toward Lusk, Wyoming.
I do not wish to bore the reader with repeated statements, but permit me to say it was again windy - the windiest day yet with today topping all others. In addition it was also cold for the first time. My wife informed me that Mt. Bachelor in Oregon reported its first ever-recorded snowfall in August and I guess that the cold front had finally reached Eastern Wyoming. The crosswind was so strong I felt like a drunken sailor trying to stay upright as I slowly waddled down the road. I finally ended up having to cut a length of twine to wrap around my hat just to keep it on my head! I probably looked quite funny but out here - alone with the elements - functionality always trumps fashion.
While making fatiguingly forward progress an artist pulled over and wished to talk with me about my project and presentation. She does historical paintings and was interested in hearing my story and I, in turn, listened to hers. The wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to converse and the finale to the situation was when a large truck sped by causing my hat to fly off my head. It literally flew twenty feet up spinning like a frisbee while staying upright and landing fifty feet away. It provided a comical punctuation to the whole experience and we each then headed our separate way.
I made camp earlier than usual in a small exit off the highway. After a hard day of progress I soon went to sleep.
Oh, by the way, I was stopped earlier today by another Wyoming State Patrolman. He just wanted to check to make sure I was doing ok. This was policeman #10.
We're now in double figures!

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  1. And by the end of the trip, it will be 192 stops by police.