Holy Smokes! Wild Weed in Nebraska!

Tuesday, September 21
I had been walking for 27 miles and was looking for a place to camp. It was growing dark as I passed through the small town of Brady and I needed to find a place soon. Finally, a mile east of town on a gravel spur connecting the RR to the highway, I set-up the tent and crawled in for the night.
In the morning as I sat drinking my coffee I looked to my left and thought, “That plant sure looks like marijuana. No, it couldn’t be.” I then looked to right and said to myself, ”That sure looks like marijuana!” Then I rose from my chair and walked up to it and said, “Yo! This is marijuana!” Pot was all around me! I remembered reading that during WWII the farmers grew hemp for making rope and that it now grew wild along the railroads and highways of the American Midwest and sure enough - here I was camped in the middle of it! I called a friend on the phone and he checked the internet and my memory was correct - it was wild hemp in Nebraska! I’m not sure where it began but I continued to see it for the next 50 miles to Kearney.
I offer no opinion on the subject. Like FOX News, “I report - you decide.”

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  1. Got to love the midwest, says the Kansas girl. Rae Lynn