North Platte, Nebraska

Fri./ Sat., Sept. 18,19
I am now in a motel in North Platte having walked 53 miles from Ogalla. Yesterday was a perfect day for walking - sunny, cloudless, and cooler. I hope to have many more of these as autumn continues its approach. I have also been noticing a change in the landscape - the dry hills are receding and more of the land is now under cultivation. Trees are also starting to make an appearance dotting the landscape here and there.
Today’s weather was yesterday’s opposite and provided me with a new challenge - cold rain. It started as a foggy mist but soon turned into a steady drizzle. All the while the temperature continued to drop finally settling at 45 degrees. It is bad enough dealing with the natural rain but add to this the spray of every passing car! I view today as a reminder to try to better weatherize my trailer before the rain becomes a regular companion.

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