Back on Track

Wednesday, Sept. 1
While checking out of the hotel this morning the manager asked that I contact her when I finish saying that I was very brave. I don’t think of myself as brave - I’m just not afraid - I think there is a difference. Anyway, I thanked her and told her to follow my progress online.
To be honest, I have been in “survivor mode” for quite some time due to the constant harshness of the Western environment. Water, food, vastness, endurance, all these and more have taken precedence over other goals and I feel that I need to get somewhat back on track. With that in mind, while leaving town I randomly went into a barber shop and talked to the barber and his only customer. The customer was a little reluctant to share saying he’s always afraid to talk politics with a man who’s holding a pair of scissors. The barber and I talked alone after the customer left and he sincerely thanked me for stoping by.
Not much to report on the day’s walk. Sunny and quite windy but this time in my direction. Many times the wind blew so hard my trailer seemed to moving forward without assistance. Made camp for the night in a field just off the road and went to bed under a threatening sky.

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