Chimney Rock and Beyond

I usually try to edit my notes before posting them to my blog but I will share them today as written.

Sunday, Sept. 12
At the moment I am holding off an army of small gnats and flies with bug cream from REI. They are so numerous being near the river that it would be impossible to sit out here without it.
At this new very moment a truck has pulled in and is “checking me out” which is causing my heart to pound as I write this. I am ignoring him acting as if he isn’t here. I figure he has got to be a pretty gutsy guy to come over here and mess with me.
He’s pulled out (I think there were two of them) and has gone on down the road. Better get my mace out for the night.
I was run out of my original spot by aphids of all things. I’ve dealt with grizzley bears and mosquitoes and who would have thought aphids! There were thousands of them on my tent, camping gear, socks and shoes, - everywhere! Had to move!
I’m being driven into my tent as I write by the gnats and same.
Still out...
Had a cup of tea and am currently boiling water for a Mountain Home dinner.
Notes on Today:
Left late - it was a beautiful campsite with the sunrise and water. Had a second cup of coffee.
Saw Chimney Rock - a traditional pioneer landmark.
Breakfast didn’t do it so I had to stop and eat some more.
Left Chimney Rock behind but saw Court House Rock and Jail Rock (I’d never heard of those two).
Is this the original “Jailhouse Rock?”

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