Back To the Great Outdoors

My toughest days are the ones following companionship and Sunday, November 14, I felt particularly lonely as my friend drove away leaving me alone on Route 30. It may have been the cold, it may have been the wind, it may have been the the grayness of the day, but I felt a depression creep over me that I have not experienced in quite some time. Looking around at the stubbled fields and the now naked trees - I leaned into the wind and began again my trek across Central Ohio.
As feelings come - feelings also go and in time the sun came out and I began to feel better about crossing the remainder of Ohio. I would be soon meeting my best friend from childhood and spending several days visiting with him and his wife as I reacquainted myself with the area of my youth.
I was nearing Wooster, Ohio when I spied a perfect place to camp over the highway embankment and though I could have walked another hour or so - I decided to take advantage of the presented situation and make camp for the night. It was a grassy area near a small stream just out of sight of the passing traffic. It felt good to pitch the tent after the luxury of indoor sleeping for nearly a week.

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