Rain, Rain, Rain

Tuesday, November 16
Deposited back in Canton, I began walking south on Route 43 toward Carrolton, Ohio. It is here that the terrain starts to change as I entered into what is known as the Appalachian Plateau. Rolling hills and small farms dot the landscape intermixed with woods of deciduous trees. This is the area of my childhood.
The day was grey with rain in the forecast but I was prepared (or so I thought). Though the road was much hillier now, I had the luxury of having left my cart behind and therefore moved along at a pretty fast pace. As I walked up one particularly steep incline I noticed a man at the top of the hill taking my picture. This I found confusing for I had contacted no one and wondered who he was. Stopping to chat, he introduced himself as Stan Meyers of “The Repository” a Canton, Ohio, newspaper. A small store owner had alerted the paper of my presence and he came out to interview me and to take some photos. We had a nice conversation and in the end, the paper wrote a nice article about me and more importantly - focused on the purpose of my venture. I wish to thank them for it and it can be accessed by clicking on the following:

Continuing toward Carrolton, it now began to rain. As I “buttoned up” and walked along it continued to grow in intensity without abatement. In Oregon, we are no strangers to precipitation but it is usually of the steady but gentler sort. This Ohio rain was a downpour and every passing truck showered me all the more. By the time I straggled into Carrolton I was “soaked to the bone” and appreciated Bud’s arrival with his van and a cup of hot coffee.


  1. A very nice article and I am glad to see you will be at another school!!!
    Ugh to the rain!!

  2. Oh I love the rain, but I guess it'd be annoying after a while

    -----Margaret Hibdon