Happy Thanksgiving from Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Thursday Evening, November 25
I have made it past Pittsburgh and am now at a Super 8 in Greensburg, PA. Getting around the city to Highway 30 represents a major goal accomplished and I will stay on this road all the way to Gettysburg. Pennsylvania has mostly Interstates and Turnpikes and Highway 30 is one of the last east-west roads pedestrians may share. The road contains more ups and downs than I've had for a while, but again - one day at a time. The weather report is calling for snow flurries in the morning and for the temperature to drop. I will try to be in a motel tomorrow night.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25
We removed my cart from the van and placed it under an overhang in front of the motel - then it was on to McDonald's for breakfast. Twenty-five miles later Bud dropped me off in Monongahela, and after a fond farewell - he returned to Ohio. It was raining and grey with the weather reports calling for more rain but with no choice in the matter I began my walk. The entire day was uneventful as I walked up and down the steep hills arriving at the motel tired and wet. Unfortunately, as it is Thanksgiving Day - no restaurants are open and I will instead eat apples and power bars.
I shall be leaving in the morning - east on Route 30.

Wednesday, November 24
I walked the 5 remaining miles south to Washington, PA, and then Route 136 east to Monongahela, PA. The hills between the towns are quite a challenge going literally, "up and down" - I was grateful for not having my cart. Later in the day Bud picked me up and we drove to Greensburg and then out to eat. He will return me to Monongahela in the morning and I, once again, will be left to my own company and resources.

Tuesday, November 23
I walked from West Virginia on Route 22 to just inside Pennsylvania's border and then south on Route 18. The day was grey but dry and I was glad to finally see Bud pull up in his van at the end of it. After getting hot coffee we headed for home.

Monday, November 22
I was again on the road after a four day break. One great advantage now is that I will leave my cart at Bud's house until I arrive in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where I will then take Highway 30 East. The challenge is getting around Pittsburgh - I cannot go into the city and the roads around the area are spaghetti-like. I plan to take 43 to the Ohio River crossing into West Virginia and then on to Pennsylvania.
At the end of my day a cousin will pick me up for an evening meal with her sister, brother, and spouses. After dinner, I will be driven back to Bud's, who in the morning will return me to my spot along the highway to begin again.

Sunday, November 21
We had a wonderful early Thanksgiving dinner at the Grimes's in honor of my presence. It was good to see most of Bud's brothers and sisters as well as both of his parents. I wish the best to all.
I will begin walking tomorrow but I will walk without my cart and have Bud pick me up at the end of the day. This way I may have the luxury of a continued visit and a warm bed.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Brown! Hope yours wasn't TOO boring. Still, a holiday is a holiday and I'm happy that your already in Pennsylvania! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

    ----Margaret Hibdon

  2. Ray, I will be following your footsteps, now that you are going on Route 30, there is a very interesting couple that owns the ABC motel in Ligioner, Milo and Pat, actually Pat is a retired school teacher. It is not a Super 8, but they do have klondike bars. Stay warm