Bedford, PA - Again

Tuesday, November 30
It was raining quite heavily when I awoke and has continued unabated all day. The weather report has issued a "flood watch" as more rain is expected throughout the night. The current forecast predicts an inch of snow as temperatures tomorrow drop to the low 20's with highs in the mid-30's. Yikes. This represents planning problems and with it - a bit of dismay. I am about four normal walking days from being east of the mountains and do not wish to become trapped. As previously said, I can handle the cold - but due to my cart - it is the rain and snow that thwart my travels.
On the positive - Bedford is a surprisingly tidy town with coffee shops and places to eat, I am staying in a comfortable room at a moderate price, and there is a laundromat and a grocery store down the street.
It is a nice location to wait out the weather.
Be like water - go with the flow.

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