Greensburg to Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Friday, November 26
The shadow of Pittsburgh was left behind as I walked south-east on Route 30. Near Latrobe, I caught my first glimpse of Pennsylvania’s southern Allegheny Mountains. From a distance they looked rather dark and formidable and hopefully the road ahead will follow mountain gaps and valleys. Here, farms and fields have given way to the woods and forests that now dominate the landscape. It felt good to be in the countryside again.
After a cold but sunny day, I checked into an old motel in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. It is a motel from the 1950’s which seems to have received only a minimum of upkeep since. In its office sits a cigar smoking elderly man surrounded by piles of odd junk who seems to get up only to check-in the occasional guest. He recommended I eat at the diner next door which matches his motel in style and condition. I had the meatloaf with mashed potatoes followed by a slice of pie. It seemed like the perfect meal to match the ambience of the place.
As I am now trying to “motel hop” as much as possible, I will go only 12 miles tomorrow to Jennerstown, Pennsylvania - a short distance but I am told there are several steep inclines and slopes along the way. I plan to pull my cart for it is easier going up and down the steep hills.
In addition - it is to be a very cold day.

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  1. I am surprised that you didn't have an interesting conversation with Milo, the man smoking the cigar. Bob and I stayed there about three years ago and found them quite entertaining but I am sure along your travels you have meet many unique individuals. Theresa