Deer Season Starts Monday and I'm Sleeping in the Woods?

Saturday, November 27
The next place with a motel is 28 miles away and I had planned on leaving early to get there. I called the motel to inquire about possibly reserving a room and found that due to Deer Season beginning Monday morning - they are fully booked with hunters and unfortunately have no vacancies.
The good news is that since the only motel is full - I need be in no rush to leave tomorrow.
The bad news is that there is a light snow, the temperature is in the 20's, and I will now have to camp for the night. Topping these factors and paramount to me is the fact that when I awake the woods will be crawling with hunters - all with "buck fever." I will have to be most careful in selecting a site. Perhaps someones yard offers the safest option.

I bid adieu as I return to the elements of the Pennsylvania Mountains.


  1. I think we past you today (Nov 28th). We were traveling from MI to NJ. We got to Summerset, PA and the radio said heavy traffic on the turnpike. We got off the turnpike at Summerset and took Highway 30 all the way to Breezewood. I think we passed you on Highway 30 right around Reels Comers town. It was about 2:30pm roughly. You were pulling a cart with two American flags and on the side it said "Walk Across America" on the side. I could barely read it as we sped by you. Kind of cool though if that was you. Good luck and take it easy.

  2. I am not certain which would be worse, the heat or the snow. Thought about you as we returned to Eugene, from Bend with snow packed roads. Best wishes, on the continuing trip, stay warm, and dry. You are an inspiration for all of us. One only needs to set goals and then work toward them. You certainly have done so.
    Sheila, Bert's sister